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"Problems Can Become Opportunities When The Right People Come Together"

Laura started her Medical Sales career with Johnson and Johnson over 20 years ago as a Boston Hospital Sales representative. She was recognized for her leadership skills and was selected to complete their Management Training program which included extensive Interviewing and Hiring training. She gained a reputation as an insightful Interviewer that was able to help onboard exceptional talent. She ran numerous “Selection and Recruiting” workshops, training other sales team leaders within J&J's Pharmaceutical and Medical Device divisions.


She founded the Hire ARK in 2004, and has been fortunate to partner with numerous Medical Device/ Biotech industry leaders as well as small high growth start-up companies. She has partnered with various Executive team members to help build strong cross functional teams supporting their R&D, Sales and Marketing, Quality/ Regulatory, Finance, Operations and Medical Affairs departments. 


Laura understands that bringing the right people together is a key success factor for any technology to reach its true market potential.  This requires a rigorous talent sourcing and recruiting process, with a nuanced approach to best ensure a cultural fit. 


As a Marathon Runner, Laura understands what it takes to go the extra mile in every search assignment. It takes a deep level of commitment and perseverance to find the right candidate for each client's unique profile preferences and talent needs.

Our success is built on Trust, Tenacity, and Perseverance.

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Founder - Laura Dombroski

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